GripMaster C/S

LingLong GripMaster C/S (GripMaster C/S)

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LingLong GripMaster C/S Detail and Features
The Linglong Grip Master CS is a Touring Summer tyre designed to be fitted to Passenger Cars.
GRIP MASTER C/S is a tire that can bring you comfortable and quiet driving with its excellent grip and handling performance and superior wet grip.



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225/55R17101VChina225/55R17VR Grip Master C/S
out of stock
225/50R1899WChina225/50R18WR Grip Master C/S HK$ 1,104
225/55R1898VChina225/55R18VR Grip Master C/S HK$ 1,120
225/60R18104VChina225/60R18VR XL Grip Master C/S HK$ 1,152
235/55R18104WChina235/55R18WR XL Grip Master C/S HK$ 1,152
235/55R18100WChina235/55R18WR GripMaster C/S (100W)HK$ 1,152
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